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Types of breakfast: continental and English breakfast

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Breakfast is usually served between 7.00/7.30 am, to 10.00/10.30 am; it is usually served in a breakfast (lounge) room but in summer it can also be served in a garden or on a terrace. If a client ask so it can also be served in his/her room.

There are different types of breakfast: the most common are Continental breakfast and English Breafast.

Continental breakfast is the typical breakfast of Italian and French people: simple, fast and light.

It is usually served at the guest’s table but it can also be displayed as a buffet breakfast, where fruit juices, cereals and other classic products are displayed so that guests can help themselves.

In this type of breakfast the following beverages are usually served (hot or cold):

  • different types of coffee : “macchiato” (i.e. with a dash of cold or hot milk), decaffeinated, weak black coffee, strong coffee, barley coffee, American coffee or Italian expresso coffee:
  • hot or cold milk, cappuccino, hot chocolate, caffelatte (a cappuccino with a larger quantity of milk)

English breakfast

Is famous because of the plenty of different food served. This type of breakfast gives the guest the possibility to choose between sweet and savoury.

It is sometimes divided into courses :

  1. starters ( to start with)
  2. main courses ( the main dish usually a hot one).

Starter can be:

  • cornflakes
  • weetabix
  • rice crispies

Beverages for Breakfast are:

  • tea (usually English breakfast tea)
  • fruit juices
  • milk
  • coffee


  • bacon
  • sausages
  • eggs (fried, poached, omelette or scrumbled)
  • beans usually baked in a tomato sauce
  • grilled tomatoes and mushrooms
  • are usually served as a main course for breakfast.

Sometimes in very traditional hotels or B&B:

  • poached herrings
  • black pudding (a kind of sausage made with blood)
  • are also served.

As sweet part of English breakfast you are served :

  • toasted bread
  • marmalade and jam
  • cakes: triffles, puddings, muffins, cheesecakes and pancakes

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Giulia Condon; Alessia Nicola; Manuela Carli; Veronica Francia; IIF 2016
Prof.ssa Eliana Caminada for the English version.

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